Things I use

This is the stuff I use in my day-to-day life inspired from A part of the setup is open source and can be found in my dotfiles. No links are affiliate; I am not endorsed by any of the mentioned companies.


My setup is minimal since I do quite a lot of remote working from various locations. Therefore, it's more focused on simplicity and weight. I use the following:

  • Laptop: Lenovo X1 Carbon
  • Mouse: Logitech G Pro
  • Headset: Razer Kraken (Bluetooth connectivity with a great microphone)
  • Keyboard: Logitech G915 Light Speed TKL


For personal things my setup is revolving around the following, most of the things can be found in my dotfiles:

For work I tend to prefer working with the following technologies and most of them are also in deployed in my personal lab.

  • Terraform/Tanka (Jsonnet)
  • Prometheus/Grafana/Loki/Tempo
  • Kubernetes/Docker
  • Go/Python/Django/Wagtail
  • Github Actions
  • ArgoCD/Flux