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4 months ago

prometheus kubernetes devops

Monitoring Kubernetes InitContainers with Prometheus

Kubernetes InitContainers are a neat way to run arbitrary code before your container starts. It ensures that certain pre-conditions are met before your app is up and running. For example it allows you to: - …

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4 months ago

terraform ci makisu devops gitlab-ci kaniko

6 ways to speed up your CI

Waiting for CI to finish slows down development and can be extremely annoying, especially when CI fails and you have to run it again. Let's take a look into approaches on how to speed up …

8 min read

4 months ago

cms wagtail headless api django

Recipes when building a headless CMS with Wagtail's API

Recently I built a headless CMS using Wagtail's API as a backend with NextJS/React/Redux as a frontend. Building the API I ran into some small issues with Image URL data, the API representation of snippets …

3 min read

5 months ago

webhooks gitlab-ci ci/cd slack

Creating Group Webhooks with Templates for Gitlab CI

Gitlab stores a vast majority of their functionality into their paid packages. Group webhooks is one of them and if your using a group runner, the group webhook becomes sought after. This is easily achievable …

3 min read

6 months ago

mailgun statuscake terraform cloudflare devops s3 rds django

Kickstarting Infrastructure for Django Applications with Terraform

When creating Django applications or using cookiecutters as Django Cookiecutter you will have by default a number of dependencies that will be needed to be created as a S3 bucket, a Postgres Database and a …

8 min read

6 months ago


devops gitlab-ci kaniko automation ci/cd

Creating templates for Gitlab CI Jobs

Writing Gitlab CI templates becomes repetitive when you have similar applications running the same jobs. If a change to a job is needed it will be most likely needed to do the same change in …

4 min read