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2 months ago
jsonnet mixin grafana monitoring prometheus sre ingress-nginx nginx

Ingress-Nginx Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

4 min read

Ingress-nginx provides an easy integration with Prometheus for monitoring. However, it can be challenging to get started with monitoring Ingress-nginx and creating dashboards and alerts. Therefore, I've created a monitoring mixin for Ingress-nginx which will provide Prometheus alerts and Grafana …

6 months ago
jsonnet argo-cd mixin grafana monitoring prometheus sre

ArgoCD Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

5 min read

ArgoCD has by default support for notifying when an Application does not have the desired status through triggers. For example, when an application becomes OutOfSync or Unhealthy, a notification is sent to your configured notification service (e.g. Slack). This was …

3 years ago Popular post!
devops slack sre alertmanager chatops

Creating Awesome Alertmanager Templates for Slack

6 min read

Prometheus, Grafana and Alertmanager is the default stack for me when deploying a monitoring system. The Prometheus and Grafana bits are well documented and there exists tons of open source approaches on how to make use of them the best. …

3 years ago
cloudflare devops web-dev cloudflare-workers sre

Quick, Pretty and Easy Maintenance Page using Cloudflare Workers & Terraform

3 min read

Maintenance pages are a neat way to inform your users that there are operational changes that require downtime. Cloudflare Workers allows you to execute Javascript and serve HTML close to your users and when Cloudflare manages your DNS it makes …